football as it should have been

This is an idealistic attempt to keep a record of football as it should have been, that is without referee errors.
We correct the results of games that have been viciated by such mistakes, based on TV displays of these games. We then keep rankings and statistics based on these corrected results.

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Of course, this is not 100% right, it cannot be. Nobody can know what would have happened had the referee decided correctly. In fact, there are cases when one can even say that the result corrected this way is very unlikely to have happened. But we believe 2 things: that our end results are fairer than the official ones; and that our correction scheme is inherently right, that is it goes as far as it can based on what we know.

Then, of course, it may have flaws, we don't claim we are sure it is perfect (yet). Should we find things can be done better, we will do our best to improve it.


Obviously, this can be done only for games with a very good TV coverage, where the action can be seen in good detail. But then, fortunately, these are just the games for which it's most worth to be done.

For the time being, we'll do it only for the Champions League and the World Cup.


We hope you will enjoy the ride into our world of football as it should have been, as much as we can know it.